Sunday, December 10, 2017

A man hit my wife, and I'm offering $1,000 for info that leads to his arrest.

A man hit my wife.  He did it in front of my two boys.
The stranger hit my wife hard enough to give her a concussion, and almost a week later she still can't watch television, tolerate noise, or look at her phone without getting a migraine.  She can't work and she hasn't been able to attend our boy's basketball games.

Please help us locate the guy that did this.

Here is the full story:

On Monday, December 4th, 2017, my wife Lisa was headed towards Providence Town Center around 4:30pm.   With my sons in the back of the car, Lisa accidentally pulled in front of a man in a dark navy blue or black Chrysler sedan  (maybe a 300 or 200?).  The man proceeded to tailgate her into the shopping center.  When she came to the stop sign in front of the Movie Tavern, the man pulled in front of her, pinning her in.  The older (60's?), obese (300 lb?) man proceeded to get out of his car and came to my wife's window.  He had grey/white hair, and my sons said his neck shook as he began to yell at my wife.   My wife put her window down to apologize, and he took that opportunity to hit my wife in the face.   He got back in his car and took off.

Here is the full news article.

The police are investigating, but we could use your help.  Please keep an eye out for this type of vehicle, especially if the driver matches the description above.  Get the license plate, and report it to the Upper Providence Police:  Officer Shilling at 610-933-7899 or by email at

We're offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to his arrest.  Thanks in advance.