Friday, May 13, 2016

Monetate: Philly's Best Technology Work Culture

Since I moved back to Philly from Silicon Valley, I've had the following on my resume:
Goal: To bring the creative, inventive spirit of Silicon Valley to the Philadelphia region.
Monetate is doing exactly this.   It is the first company for which I've worked, where the values of the company are more than just wall art.   Everyone here is genuinely "in it to win it" and "loves this stuff".    It isn't the free lunch, nerf guns and scooters that makes it a Silicon Valley-esque company (although we have that too).   It's the passion and innovation that's demonstrated on a daily basis.

Monetate was recently named as a finalist for the Philly Tech In Motion (Timmy) Awards.
You can have a look at our submission, but the bottom line:

Monetate embraces: diversity, community outreach, open source, and cutting edge technology.

That makes for a fantastic work environment and a vibrant culture.  And staying true to our culture and values, we want to win that Timmy Award!

If you are so inclined, please lend us your vote:

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