Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Conditional updates with CQL3 java-driver

Within storm-cassandra-cql, I'm building out a state implementation that is capable of making incremental state changes.   (Read-Modify-Write)  It leverages Cassandra 2.0's lightweight transactions, and the ability to perform a conditional update.  (more on the rationale for incremental state changes later)

As I was implementing it, I couldn't find any good examples that showed how to implement conditional updates using the QueryBuilder in the CQL3 java driver.

So, here you go:

        // Now let's conditionally update where it is true
        Update updateStatement = QueryBuilder.update(SalesAnalyticsMapper.KEYSPACE_NAME,
        updateStatement.with(QueryBuilder.set(VALUE_NAME, 15));
        Clause clause = QueryBuilder.eq(KEY_NAME, "DE");
        Clause conditionalClause = QueryBuilder.eq(VALUE_NAME, 10);
        this.executeAndAssert(updateStatement, "DE", 15);

The key clause is the conditionalClause which is appended to the statement by calling the onlyIf method on the Update object. The above code will set the value of v=15, where k='DE', but only if the current value of v is still 10. In the storm-cassandra-cql use case, this will cause the state to increment only if the value that was read hasn't changed underneath of it.

I've encapsulated a couple conditional updates in a unit test within storm-cassandra-cql. Have a look to see a more complete set of calls (with comments and assertions).


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