Friday, December 9, 2011

Dependencies and Repositories in SBT 0.11 (vs 0.7) for Kestrel

I was trying to build Kestrel last night, which is written in Scala.

After installing scala and sbt on my mac using homebrew, Kestrel wouldn't build because it requires an older version of sbt. Instead of installing the old version of sbt, I took it as a good opportunity to learn what sbt was about. In migrating the Kestrel build file to sbt 0.11, I found the documentation somewhat lacking. (especially when compared to 0.7) Thus, here are two tidbits that I had a hard time finding... (I actually had to dig through other github projects to see how they did it)

I learned that sbt uses maven repositories as one source for dependencies.  Just like maven, you need to declare the dependencies and the available repositories.  Here is how you do it.

I forked the Kestrel project and posted my new build.sbt here:  

To add a dependency to your project add the following line to the build.sbt. 

  libraryDependencies += "com.twitter" % "util-core" % "1.12.4"

In maven speak, the first string is the group identifier. The second string is the artifact identifier. And the third string is the version identifier.

In this case, Kestrel required additional repositories.

To add a repository to your project add the following line to the build.sbt. 

resolvers += "" at ""
The first string is the name of the repository. The second string is the url for the repo.

Hope that helps some people.

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