Thursday, October 20, 2011

Virgil: a GUI and REST layer for Cassandra

Love Cassandra? Love REST?
Wish you could have both at the same time?
Now you can.

After much discussion, I'm happy to announce the birth of a new project, Virgil. The project will provide a GUI and a services layer on top of Cassandra, exposing data and services via REST.

Virgil already has a REST layer for CRUD operations against keyspaces, column families, and data. We hope to quickly add Pig/Hadoop support via REST as well as a thin, javascript-based GUI that uses the REST services.

How can you help nurture the baby?
Head over to Apache Extras,

Star the project, and then get involved.
Grab the source code and give it a try.


Thorsten von Eicken said...

This looks very interesting to me. I hate Thrift and CQL on top of thrift is just a PITA. I read all the jijra messages around "is there interest or not?". It seems to me that if you want to create interest you need to post binary packages. I'm not a java guy and the prospect of figuring out how to compile a patched version of casandra is not appealing. As it stands the lack of interest is perhaps a self-fulfilling prophecy. Cheers and thanks for creating this project!

Brian O'Neill said...

Thanks for the feedback Thorsten. I just posted binary packages.

Please give it a try.

eggsy84 said...

Yeah very interesting - ill grab the code and try it out would be interested in getting involved as well.

You can only stick the Cassandra Cli for so long ;)


Brian O'Neill said...

eggsy84, thanks. we're still a young project looking for all the help we can get. ;)

Mark Bordelon said...

I might want to try to help
Would need some guidance to get started though