Monday, July 13, 2009

RSync for Backup over SSH using Different Port Number and Bandwidth Limit

Over the years, I've come to love rsync for offsite backups. It is incredibly flexible and can run over SSH. Here is the most flexible one-line backup you'll ever see:

rsync --bwlimit=100 --partial --progress --size-only -av "/Volumes/Shed/stuff/" --rsh='ssh -p 2828' ""

This backups my local stuff (in /Volumes/Shed/stuff) and puts it in /home/stuff on It also keeps partially transferred files (--partial) and shows progress (--progress). When comparing two files, it only considers the sizes (--size-only). I do this because dates could be different. Furthermore, it transfers using ssh, but over a different port (2828 in this case). Finally, I limit the bandwidth that the rsync consumers (--bwlimit) to 100 kb/s.

Very handy.

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